Andrew Morton's NOT coming to India!

It seems there've been a lot of calls that people are getting that are claiming Andrew Morton and Theodore Ts'o are coming to India to deliver talks on the kernel. Sponsors seem to be Novell, NetApp and some other companies.

Well, I confirmed with Andrew that this is a hoax. He's not touring India, definitely not on the 24th of July, when these presentations are supposed to happen.

Things that made me skeptical of these: no talk anywhere on any of the forums, news sites. The caller couldn't pronounce Theodore, Robert Love and Nat, Miguel aren't on the talkers list even though Novell is sponsoring, she kept pestering for any friends that might be interested / in the same industry as I am in, and she kept asking me repeatedly how much industry experience I have.

Turns out, I was talking to Atul in Pune, and he received similar calls. Same agenda, same speakers, same date, just the location was Pune instead of Bangalore. Nice trick these people have come with to lure people into giving out phone numbers.

Rahul's suggested one nice solution to dealing with these people: sound very interested in whatever they're offering, ask them to hold for 5 mins citing "someone's at the door", get back, sound very interested again, repeat.

Cool idea, give me a call, someone! I'm looking for low loan interest rates!