Atul refers to a blog entry where Magesh describes how taxi drivers swindle people of their monies. Be careful, it's a bad, bad world out there!

That reminds me of the enterprising Bangalore rickshaw men: there's a rule here that mandates passengers to pay 1.5 times the normal charge for auto rickshaws after 10 (or is it 10:30) PM and before 6:30 AM. However, these guys start asking for 1.5 times the charge (or Rs. 10-20 extra on the fare) from 9PM. Hmm, when you start arguing, they'll just quip, "Sir, you work in software companies and earn lots. What would such small change hurt you?" Grrreat! And when I lose my temper, I don't speak much. Just give the person a cold, chilling stare and walk my way. No use arguing with the drivers, and least of all, when the argument's such a lowly one.

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