Dearth of Linux developers?

People are using the Linux kernel everywhere now; so there have to be lots of Linux (kernel) developers around. So finding one should be easy, right? My team (at Juniper Networks, India) has openings for Linux kernel guys and networking guys. If someone stumbles through this post and is interested, or has friends who may be interested, please get in touch with me.

Oh, BTW, I have joined Juniper Networks India Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore from the 1st of Feb. Basically going to be working on the Netscreen line of security products, mainly on Intrusion Detection and Prevention. Sounds good and work seems to be good. We have an excellent team here, am pally with each of the four people here right now right from day one like we have been buddies for the past five years... half of the team is in the US office, they're coming back this weekend. And we all from here are going to the Sunnyvale, California office sometime in April.

Lots of work and fun lined up ahead, hope to keep the blog updated.