Moving on...

Having worked in a startup for ~ 3+ years, and still enjoying the work I'm doing, there seems to be no reason for me to switch jobs. However, there still is some need for that. I've never stayed away from my family. So this is probably the best time for an experience of staying alone. There's no real dependency on me from the family, so I can move around freely. Also, I have no experience of how big companies work. Plus, no idea how a products-based company works.

So, I've decided to move on and experiment. I'm shifting base to Bangalore. The company? Well, I'll disclose the name in a few days; but it should suffice to say that it's a big player in the routers business.

Bangalore's a great city; much, much bigger than Pune is, much cleaner and much greener. However, the traffic is bad. On some occasions, you could be at the same place, without even moving an inch, for 30 minutes. Mornings 9-10 and evenings 5-7 is the time-frame you don't want to commit anyone any time. You're bound to be late, unless you're on foot or a two-wheeler, by which you could just arrive on time.

And the city's dull. Shops close at 8 in the evening, it keeps pouring once it starts raining, the movie theatre owners are having some problems with airing Hindi and English movies because of a state law, so all these limit the entertainment choices. So my time will either be passed by reading or on the computer. Not too bad, but it's good to roam about sometimes.

Feel free to comment / mail with advice on absolutely anything: the staying alone experience, working in a big company experience, living in a dull city experience, anything.

Bangalore, here I come...