Settings for the XAVI router

Posted by Amit Shah on August 15, 2006

Some people have been asking me what the settings are for my XAVI router given by Tata Indicom / VSNL broadband people. If you have the misfortune of owning a Tata broadband connection, here are the details:

Connect to the router using a web browser (default:

Login. Default username/password: admin/admin

In the first tab, click on 'Quick Configuration'.

Configure the following thusly:

ATM Interface: 0
Operation Mode: Enabled
Encapsulation: PPPoA VC-Mux
VPI: 0
VCI: 32
Bridge: Disabled
IGMP: Disabled
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Use DHCP: Disable
Default Route: Enabled
Gateway IP Address:

Username: <>
Password: <yourpasswd>
Use DNS: Enable

Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server: