Try KDE 4 Snapshots, Updated Daily

The KDE project's forthcoming release 4 of the K Desktop Environment is something all KDE fans are looking forward to. It promises many enhancements and a redisgn of the desktop to free us of the decades-old desktop interface that we are used to using now. It's becoming increasingly easier these days to try out experimental versions of such big pieces of software these days with build scripts, Live CDs and distributions bundling alpha and beta releases as development snapshots for users to try out.

Virtualisation brings in a new and exciting twist to this. If you want to stay uptodate on the KDE 4 developments without having to wait for your distribution package maintainers to release the next version or for new Live CDs to appear, you can now use a qemu image to try out KDE4 inside its own OS environment without disturbing any of your existing setup. What's more, with KVM, you can have the desktop running very fast indeed!

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