What's with people who want to write blogs, want to put up happenings in their lives, want to share the thrill they had... but end up copying stuff from others' blogs? Are they too lazy to do that? Or can't find words to express their feelings? Or did they experience the exact same things the other person did? Or what?

Why this post? I just stumbled across this post which, in its current form, has text lifted straight from my experiences at Coorg.

I'm not worried about someone doing that. There's a copyright at the footer of each page; though I don't wish to go legal over such things. But people should at least acknowledge that they're using some of my stuff...

This particular blogger in question, has done so indirectly, though. He's not replaced the part where I mention I had made a promise to post a blog on the Coorg trip, with "promise" being a link to one of my earlier blog posts. Did he not bother to check with the URL, did he not bother to change it, I'm not sure. But he would sure look like a fool once his readers notice it's a different person who made the promise :-) (I just hope people don't mistake me for that guy!)