Pictures from surroundings at Juniper

I-Flex Building

Lake view - natural

Juniper celebrated its 10 years of operation a couple of days back. The company that started out in 1996 as a router company held its own during tough times (2001-2002) and managed to stay ahead of the rest. Now, it also has security products in its portfolio (of which I'm a part). The future looks very bright indeed. The celebration tagline reads "Juniper, you're ten" (a play on words on the usual "Juniper your net".

There's some good views we get from Juniper. I'd like to share those. The I-Flex buildings, the lake, etc.. it's pretty good. I've not done complete justice in all the pics, I'd like to hear from you.

All pics shared on my webshots page.

Shown here are two of them.

Update: On why Webshot sucks
- It doesn't have static URLs for photos, so I can't put them in my blog
- You can't upload multiple images from the web at once
- The software you download to upload multiple images at once has several views: views of the local pics, views of pics on webshots, etc. You can use this software to download images from your cam, label them and store them. If you want to upload them to the website, it doesn't remember anything. You have to give the titles, captions, etc., again.
- This is very, very poor and reason enough for me not to use webshots.

Flickr vs Webshots:
- Max. resolution Flickr offers is 1024x768. Webshots has 1600x1200.

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